The following types of material are an indication of what REKS can currently recycle. Other types and different variations can always be investigated further.

Unsorted bales of LDPE flexible plastics 80/20 – 98/2
LLDPE stretchfilm (for pallet wrapping) Transparent
LDPE Shrinkfilm (for trays, sixpacks, etc) Transparent, coloured, printed and unprinted
MDPE and LDPE bags (carrier bags, collection bags, crate bags etc.) Transparent, translucent, coloured, printed and unprinted
MDPE and LDPE covers Mostly transparent/translucent

A further intensive washing and separation process enables REKS to produce high quality recycled raw material ranging from black LD regranulate to transparent LLDPE regranulate.

  • rLDPE Natural A
  • rLDPE Natural
  • rLLDPE Natural A
  • rLDPE Light Color
  • rLDPE Dark Color