Located in the heart of the Balkans, Kosovo serves as a connecting bridge between the South Eastern European countries. With easy access to road, rail and sea transport, the country boasts a professional and youthful work force who are adaptable and quick to learn.

Through its unique geographical location, Kosovo has access on the growing market in Balkans and Central Europe that covers 28 million potential customers.

With a diverse population consisting of many ethnic groups, and many languages spoken, in Kosovo you will find a local population that is legendary hospitable, with great food and a vibrant social life. English and German are spoken interchangeably and very well by the locals.

Kosovo has a rich cultural and religious heritage and history, home of many historical sites and beautiful cities. Due to the small size of the country, people can visit a lot of these places with little hassle and in a short period of time.

A further easy aspect of doing business in Kosovo is the Euro being an official currency of the country. Kosovo enjoyed one of the fastest and steady economic growths in South East Europe, with key industries such as manufacturing, especially those that are export based, growing exponentially in the last decade.

Committed to establishing principles for the stable development of a pure market economy since a very early stage of development, Kosovo’s government has been working towards facilitating the free movement of goods and services throughout the country’s borders. As a result, Kosovo currently enjoys free trade within the Central European Free Trade Agreement – CEFTA – enabling its producers to access the regional market comprising 28 million consumers, free of any customs duties. In 2012 the total export with CEFTA members was 102.6 million and import 844.6 million. In addition, Kosovo benefits from nonreciprocal, duty-free trade to the EU market based on the EU Autonomous Trade Preference Regime EU Council Resolution (ATP) (2007/2000). Finally, Kosovo enjoys duty-free trade to the US market.

The road network of Kosovo, consisting of 630 km of main roads, has been rebuilt to a large extent over the past years, with the addition of some completely new roads. With the construction of a highway connecting Albania and Serbia directly through Kosovo, it is becoming an important gateway in the corridor connecting the Adriatic Sea to Western Europe. A new highway connecting Kosovo and North Macedonia was completed in 2019.

Conveniently, REKS is situated close to major highways as well as the railway network, which allows REKS to easily connect to major transport infrastructure to all countries in the region.