The KIVO Group, a part of which is KIVO LLC in Kosovo, jointly have over 50 years of experience in producing a wide variety of applications made from flexible plastics. Amongst its direct and indirect customers there are a number of Europe’s leading production companies, brand owners, wholesalers and retailers. KIVO actively aims to reduce the ecological footprint of all its activities and is continuously seeking possibilities, together with its customers, to increase sustainability of packaging materials. Today, in almost every conversation with customers in the non-food sector, there is a lot of interest for recycled material. KIVO is in a perfect position to develop, produce and sell such materials but is dependent on the availability of stable input regranulate. KIVO L.L.C in Kosovo is one of the largest companies in Kosovo focused on producing flexible plastic packaging. It has been awarded has been chosen as one of the top exporters from Kosovo, and the European of the Year company in 2019. The company is ISO 9001:2015 and BRC certified. It offers a wide range of flexible packaging products, geared towards industrial and consumer markets. It specializes in manufacturing garbage bags, bread bags, industrial bags, shrink film, magazine wraps, and other products.

The KRAS Group has over 60 years of experience in collecting and processing a wide variety of waste streams. There’s a lot of potential and value to unlock from the huge amount of plastic waste that is produced by consumers and companies every day and KRAS knows very well how to assure that such well recyclable volumes are not being wasted unnecessarily. It’s easy to earn a cent on every kg of waste by simply collecting, baling and trading huge volumes on the market. It’s however much more satisfying and sustainable to help turning that kg of waste in useful applications. KRAS ads value by advising and helping waste generators in separating their different waste types, by carefully sorting and combining volumes in mono-streams and by partnering up with various recyclers across every discipline. By taking a step forward towards washing and recycling, together with KIVO, post-commercial flexible PE waste streams can now be made perfectly circular.

Individual shareholders & founders are Netherlands and Kosovo based entrepreneurs with a strong vision for development of recycling industries as a viable way for management and re-use of plastics in various industries. They are responsible for setting up the effective partnership and proximity between KIVO Group and REKS in Kosovo, the most appropriate location for this project. The partnership between these individuals follow the effective cooperation of similar nature in KIVO LLC, and will surely continue to grow with REKS.